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I make organic hena

Remember the good old days when we use to put hena at night and keep it over the night to get a dark stain coating it with sugar syrup? That was when we once use to have organic hena. The natural way of driving a stain.

After I came to dubai, I got addicted to UAE’s saloon henas which give instant results within hours of application giving a bright pumpkin color as soon as an application is done. Though its considered to be safe by ministry of health I still wanted to go back to our good old days and do it in the traditional way. All the ingredients are very simple and easily avaliable in the market. You can choose a variety of hena blends avaliable. Just make sure you are not using any hena that was yeild more then a year ago.

Though I love hena that we get from saloons and I still use it occasionally as I run out of time due to keeping a balance between home and job, I still occasionally make the hena in organic way.

Ingredients are very simple, you can adjust sugar ratio according to humidity and climate in your city. Keep it over 12 hours until hena releases the dye.

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