Literature day in dublin

Ireland is my first international travel anywhere outside UAE or Pakistan. I had a ten day trip and I dedicated a whole day to books. I went to each bookshop in dublin on foot. The best thing about staying in city center was that you could literally access all these amazing bookshops on a nice walk, I own my favorite bookmark from one of the shops. So here is my literature day review on top 5 places I visited in Dublin, ireland.

I made a list of all the shops I wanted to visit and they are pretty close by so I started on a nice springy day with sunshine and went as the shops came by.

1. The rare books and maps shop

The rare books bookshop

I was so stuck up with this shop at grafton street, I had a hard time coming out. This bookshop have literally first edition of so many books I love! Harry potter, room, V for vendetta and so many more. Though first eidition books are very costly and the minimum price range I came across was £300 I drooled over the books for ages before I came out. A must visit in ireland. Here are a few glimpse of the first edition books.

V. And the shinning
Harry potter and game of thrones
Peter pan
The hobit and lord of the rings
A lot of collection of Oscar wilde

2. Oscar wilde’s home

It took me a while to find Oscar’s home. And if you are visitng it in hopes of seeing it, I can tell you, you will be damn disappointed. Most of his home part is now part of a college and they don’t let you in unless you are a student. The only thing you can see for Oscar’s home is his front porch, so yea. I made nice little knock 😀

3. Poet’s corner

I didn’t go in, but it was hella interesting from outside when I was passing by, it was not on my literature list so I just randomly stumbled upon it while walking.

4. Longroom from harrypotter movie

This is the trinity college library which costs us £10 if we visit. We are not allowed to touch any books as the whole area is restricted.

5. The winding stair bookshop

It’s a really tiny bookshop but the ambiance and collection is amazing. A must visit 🙂

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