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My #Stayhome routine!

It has been 10 days since I last went outside for some groceries and stuff. It’s not easy to stay home and work-life many of us find struggling but here is how I’m keeping up with my daily life. I hope it helps.

1. Wakeup as you would for your everyday office. I’m not working currently, I had quite a few weeks before the corona outbreak got really co concerning in UAE, I still try to keep up with routine and wakeup early morning.

2. Shower, get fresh, make breakfast, do some stretches. You can download apps for stretching exercises, I use to keep yoga. It has a variety of exercises you can do without getting bored. I also light incense in the morning for a fresh vibe.

3. Once done through my morning rituals I move on to my work station. Do not sit on your bed or dining for work. I’m currently on a budget due to being jobless so I bought one from IKEA in 100AED or so.

4. The first thing I do is apply for all. Potential roles I can find my self fit for. Though everything is kinda on hold I never lose hope, one must keep trying. I use GulfTalent Baytcom Jobsite and LinkedIn of course :)… You can always propose a skype interview if you get shortlisted. Life is full of possibilities.

5. I then move on to hunting for remote jobs via Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer. I have also recently joined a freelancing community xpertin for UAE. So in case you are looking for opportunities to work remotely you might find good gigs.

6. I do practice my typing skills every day. I’m bilingual so I skill up for English and Arabic typing every day. I also learn how to speak Arabic and Spanish via the Duolingo app.

7. I’m pretty much halfway through my day on all the activities so I spend rest of my time keeping my self hydrated, take my lunch, walk around, do stretches, listen to music, organize my wardrobe, bookshelf (I have a mini library!), play PS4, watch Netflix, cook something nice and do cardio. I also got on with some other home projects I always wanted to do. I don’t always go with the routine in the same way and each activity can have variance if you want!

I hope some of it might help you! #StayHome and #StaySafe !

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