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Letting go of negativity and changing your life for good

A serious fact for all of us, at some point we all have acted toxic on way or another be it in a relationship or professional life. Damaging our ways with people on way or another. Being toxic is something no one is immune to, but the key is to identify, improve and balance.

Whether your toxic attitude is common every day or it’s just once in a while, it plays a very important role in your walk towards happiness and success in life.

People surely behave in a toxic way but we all do in some ways. The important thing is to identify the traits yourself or seek professional help if necessary and overcoming the traits. This is how I identified myself to be toxic and what did I do to improve it.

Stop taking things personally

I use to believe everything that happens around me or directed towards me is a direct target to bring me down. The reality however to such situation is what people say to us or do to us is mostly about them then it is about us. Their reaction and approach towards us is mostly how they see things. If someone thinks you are good enough or not, is mostly on how they see you, not how you really are. Now we don’t have to ignore people being critical to us but most of our unhappiness towards such remarks roots because we take things more personally then we should be.

It’s far more productive to not take things personally and let your own self be the wisdom and guide.

I was diagnosed with MDD (recurrent) a year or so ago and for a very long time I treated myself like a victim, over something that happened to me which was not under my control. Until I realized that it fed me with more negativity then positivity.

Overthinking cause Negative thoughts

This was my primary partner in crime when it came to be the toxic human. Constantly over thinking a situation results in negative thoughts. I have personally found it very difficult to be around people who can’t let go anything bad in a situation or they just want to think worst possible scenario in everything that happens, eventually realizing sometimes I do think the worse in everything, self-sabotaging a normal situation.

Be the survivor, not the victim

This is a very difficult one to let go. Constantly complaining about others and treating yourself like a victim, yes people are wrong up to some extent and yes bad things happen to us, but we can’t make the world to revolve around them. Rather than focusing on that one bad thing that happened to you and telling people you are the victim, use it turn your life around. We have far more authority in us to change our beings then we believe we do.

Managing emotions

This is something I have struggled with the most. Exploding on smallest inconvenient thing that emotionally happens. Over reacting on slightest issues. For me, it wasn’t something I was able to fix on my own and had to take professional guidance to overcome it.

Creating boundaries

Not creating a boundary in any relationship you begin and then when pain comes along you feel overwhelmed by standing up for your own self. Boundaries are like invisible barrier that helps you to interact with other people in a positive secure way. It shields you from negative behavior.

There is a certain bravery in accepting the fact one is poisoning his or her own life, creating pain for relations around them and closing door of happiness and success for themselves. Your past wounds should not haunt your present and future self, to steal away the joy and success you can bring. Give yourself the gift of leading a happy path.

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