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Rejection is merely a redirection, a course correction to your destiny.

Rejections are hard – they are inevitably one the most difficult experiences a human has to go through, personally or professionally and if not handled productively it can have devastating effects.

How a person deals with rejections ultimately determines his course towards success, but handling rejections positively doesn’t seem as easy as it sounds. especially in a great deal of rejection i,e. Rejections from different colleges or job hunt rejections. Here are a handful of tips I use when dealing with rejections! I hope it helps.

Shift the focus on Reasoning instead of individuals.

One of the most positive ways to bounce back from rejection is by coming to the understanding that it’s nobody’s fault. Don’t blame the employer or be too hard on yourself. if an offer or an interview has not worked out between you two. One of the main reasons why rejection happens is because things didn’t fit between you and the employer, maybe your skills didn’t match the skills set of the proposed job, so instead of blaming yourself or the other person shift your focus on the reasoning behind the rejection. People who focus on setback reasons instead of individuals that are involved in it are most likely to bounce back in the groove quickly.


Another effective way is to pause, step back and have self-reflection. Ask yourself if the job you are applying for combined with your skill sets and experience aspires you to be the right fit to execute the job. if the answer to that question is no, then it’s to change the course. Don’t underestimate the importance of doing a job that actually inspires you. It plays a very important role in keeping you happy, healthy self-esteem, and building a positive force around you.

Self Assurance.

Following the self-reflection bit, one of the best things you can do in case of feeling the low tide is by counting on the positive aspects of your skills and experiences. Make a list perhaps for all the things you have strong attributes for, for example, your creative skills, teamwork, ethics, and so on. Then write down few lines on why you think are the best attributes for you and how it would be a plus if the next employer chooses to hire you. By writing down the skills we have, we give our self a good reminder and affirmation of our own worth.


A mentally strong individual would not only accept and learn from his rejection but will also deal with it in a professional and educational manner. Rather than just looking into it as a painful negative experience they will turn it into a learning and growth opportunity. Hence every time they get rejected, that’s their cue to grow and become smarter.

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