My cook book

Breaded grilled chicken with white sauce

This is one of the easiest recipes I have learnt that give gourmet food vibes but very simple to make! In general looking at such dishes we always wonder how much time one must have spent to get the results but I tell you! it took me less than 30 mins. So here’s how I make this mouth watering gourmet dish!


chicken breasts – 1 to 2

black pepper, white pepper and salt – to taste

Breadcrumbs- as needed (I personally love american garden brand)

eggs – 1

oil to fry

baby potatoes ( for baking)

for white sauce:

butter – 2tbsp

milk 1.5 cup

water – 1 cup

maggie chicken cube -1

salt and pepper to taste.

all purpose flour – (Al baker)

Cooking process:

  1. Marinate baby potatoes with peel on and cover them in a foil. pop them in oven for an hour.

2. Cut chicken breast into half and hammer it thin, I used a bailan 😀 (roller pin) , it does a pretty good job and marinate with salt and pepper.

3. crack and egg and whisk it. pan out crumbs in another plate. Pour oil in pan on low to medium heat.

4. Coat chicken in crumbs, dip it in egg and then coat with crumbs again. Add it to the pan carefully and cook both sides till chicken releases water and is fully cooked.

For white sauce:

heat a small pan, add butter with a bit of oil and let it melt. oil will help for butter to not evaporate. add all purpose flour and whisk until you get the sweet smell. It’s time to add milk and water. add them in small portions and keep whisking so it doesn’t form dumplings in batter. stir constantly and add maggie cube along with salt and pepper until its thick.


Add chicken to the platter and pour white sauce over the chicken. let it sit and pour a bit more if necessary. Serve with over baked baby potatoes, garnished with parsley.

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