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Tittle-tattle at workplace

Gossip culture is the fastest way to destroy any corporate culture. There is no nice way to say this. Allowing your employees to gossip about each other is like letting them swim in river full of alligators. Good leaders don’t participate in gossip and they don’t tolerate when others gossip. Gossip not only destroys trust,… Continue reading Tittle-tattle at workplace


Questions you should ask yourself when you’re 30

By the time we turn 30, we are almost halfway through our average life span. I thought to run a quiz on the questions we should ask ourselves when we are 30. In case anyone wants to try, I have shared the complete list. 1.     What inspires me the most? 2.     What is the definition of success?… Continue reading Questions you should ask yourself when you’re 30


Mental Health At Work Place

psychological advice credit: Nimrah Khalid (organization psychologist) Mental health and well-being of an employee at workplace - A known yet ignored phenomena. Most people don’t realize, but an employee’s mental health and well-being are one of the most crucial piece of a workplace puzzle. More than two third of employees in every work place hide… Continue reading Mental Health At Work Place